Don Lemon’s New Book is…Well, An Open Book: Transparent

16 Jun

As a member of my personal favorite trio of CNN anchors (the other two, of course being The Silver Fox and The Razorback), I never (only) attributed Don Lemon’s appeal over the years to his above average aesthetic composition or velvety tenor that projected and conveyed the news, but more so to his seemingly oxymoronic demonstration of compassion and ability to engage his audience while still maintaining that ever important journalistic trait of impartiality.

This assertion was never more apparent to me than eight months ago when while interviewing three young members of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church who at the time wholeheartedly supported Bishop Long, Lemon evenly, yet unpredictably revealed on national television that he was a victim of a pedophile.  With that admission, the Emmy award winning journalist has since come out about his orientation and has released a memoir chronicling the highs, lows, secrets and truths that have shaped the 45-year-olds life.

In an excerpt from Chapter 2 he writes:

While Transparent does explore the shame Lemon felt which caused him to conceal having been sexually abused as a child by a family friend and the liberation he finally felt as a grown man in opening up to his mother about it, the book is far more than a purging session, and it effectively explores the man comprehensively, not compartmentally.

But while there are assertions in parts of Lemon’s book that are sure to be controversial to some, few will argue that his message of hope, resilience, strength and defying the odds (and the critics) is one that can be taken away by all.


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