The WINNING Ingredient: Ashton Kutcher?

19 May

Nope, you’re not being Punk’d; Charlie’s out and Ashton’s officially in!

Months after going toe-to-toe with the most obstinate warlock on television and being verbally molliwopped in the media by said necromancer, the suits over at CBS finally decided to put the self-proclaimed descendant of Adonis (and those of us who’ve suffered through his viral rants for the last several months) out of his misery and exact a do-over of sorts on the set of their mega show, “Two and a Half Men”.

Well, wait.  A do-over would imply that Kutcher is coming in as the new and improved Charlie Francis Harper, complete with younger features and taller countenance.  Yeah, no. I don’t think any of the TAAHM faithful would appreciate or even accept that bait and switch.  So what exactly do Chuck Lorre and the writers have planned for Ashton and the gang, and how do they plan to seamlessly write-out Charlie?  No one seems to know for sure except Lorre, and if he remains this tight-lipped until the season premiere, I am sure the anticipation alone will drive another season of record setting viewership for the CBS hit series.

But in the case of television switcheroo’s, this matter with an ousted Sheen in favor of a newer (sometimes, fresher) face really got me to thinking about some other sitcom/primetime swaps that were everything from spot on, to WTH!?!?!?  Do you agree with my list?

  1. Fresh Prince of Bel Air – With the birth of Little Nicky, Aunt Viv (Janet Hubert, then Daphne Maxwell Reid) returned in the 4th Season not only with a new attitude, but a completely new look. Will Smith and company weren’t even subtle about the switch in actresses, as evidenced by Jeff’s declaration, “[Mrs. Banks] ever since you had that baby, there’s something different about you” before being customarily launched out the front door by Uncle Phil.
  2. My Wife & Kids – In the premiere season, Michael and Jay’s eldest daughter Claire (Jazz Raycole) was a pretty coffee-colored beauty. Come season two, while still beautiful, Claire (Jennifer Freeman) was more coffee con leche. I blame puberty.
  3.  CSI – I don’t care what was going on in “real life;”  the idea of killing off Warwick Brown (Gary Dourdan) from Vegas’ Crime Scene Investigators Unit had me weeping, penning letters to the writers and rocking back and forth while balled up in the fetal position.  What a travesty to write out such a scrumptious piece of eye candy beloved character; travesty, I say!
  4. Girlfriends  – I was literally glued to my television set when Joan (Tracee Ellis Ross) and Toni (Jill Marie Jones) fell out after Joan missed Toni’s custody hearing; so much so that I didn’t think I was going to survive waiting through reruns and four months for the Season 7 premiere.  Then came the writer’s strike.  Then came word that Jones would not be reprising her role as Toni Childs Garrett.  Then came the sucky story lines, and Girlfriends was never the same.
  5. Family Matters – In probably the rudest television sitcom ejection I have ever witnessed, the Family Matters writers to this day, should be ashamed at their lazy dismissal of Jaimee Foxworth.  I mean, we all watched Judy prance up the stairs of the Winslow Residence one day, and she never came down again.  Not a replacement, not a storyline communicating that she’d been sent off to boarding school or Madame Deveraux’s  School for Wayward Girls, just gone without a trace! Her disappearance from the show was a real Milk Carton moment! SMH

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