That’s Some Bull: Ocho Rides for Charity

15 May

It’s been 65 days since the NFL Lockout officially began, but while many of the leagues players have been forced to sit at home stagnant and unsure of their 2011 season, one has taken the opportunity to remain relevant in the media (relatively speaking) and utilize the past two months of downtime as preparation for face time…err; supporting a good cause.

Now, as exasperating as Ochocinco (the Wide Receiver formerly known as Chad Johnson) can sometimes be with all of his boasting, melodramatic outbursts and jive-talking especially in light of his pedestrian 59-yards-per-game-and-four-touchdown efforts with The Cincinnati Bengals last season (mediocre when compared to his previous nine seasons…just saying), beneath all the bravado and “chile pleases”, the man does seem to have a heart of gold.

As well-known as Chad is for his on-the-field performances and many off-the-field antics (The Ultimate Catch, trying out for Major League Soccer, The T.Ocho Show, and his proposal to Basketball Wife Evelyn Lozada readily come to mind), 8-5 is also known for his philanthropy.  Whether he’s treating fans to dinner, busing volunteers to the Pro-Bowl with him while serving food to those in need along the way, granting football camp wishes to homeless children or raising money for charity, it is evident that for all of his vanity and alleged shortcomings, this perceived NFL bad boy is really a good guy at heart.

And while I sometimes wonder what goes through the man’s mind when he decides upon the many outrageous things he ends up committing to, I have to admit that although I regularly find myself calling his sanity into question, I do admire his giving spirit.  This was equally true for Chad’s weekend excursion to The Lucas Oil Invitational in Duluth, GA.  Although I was sure Chad was out of his mind for deciding to mount a 1,500 lb. bull (who subsequently wiped him out in 1.5 seconds) the revelation that the venture earned $10,000 for charity made me look at #85 just a tad bit differently (even though in my mind, the fact remains that he is still a little loco in the coco).

But all things considered, this experience did prove that the words “Chad Ochocinco” and “humility” can be spoken in the same sentence, as evidenced when he had the good sense to be humbled by the face-planting experience.

Altruism and modesty…who knew?


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