Hot or Hmmm…The Dress

12 May

While this site is more of a personal blog than a “fashion” blog, let me just go on the record for those who are unaware, and say that I LOVE celebrating, critiquing and creating fashion.  And although many would consider me to be mildly conservative by most standards, I do on occasion like to push the envelope, and I respect those with the courage and creativity to do the same (and although I’m several weeks late posting it, here I am pushing the envelope with Vivica Fox at the Diamond Scholarship Gala this past April, as promised).

There have been instances however, when I’ve looked at a picture of myself or some media starlet and have wondered, what in the world possessed me/her to wear THAT?! Sort of like Exhibit A and B below:

Attending the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute gala last week, both Beyonce and Serena looked as though they should have been competing for first place in a celebrity costume contest (The Little Mermaid and Bjork’s Ostrich Offspring respectively) instead of honoring Alexander McQueen with their take on haute couture.  But as over the top as both ensembles were, neither woman passed out due to airway constriction or spontaneous combustion, so that in itself was a fashion win-win for everybody!


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