Let’s UnPack: Hot Topics for the Week of 4/27/11

27 Apr

I swear! I know I haven’t posted much about politics and social goings-on lately on the blog, but this week’s news has already been like something out of the twilight zone.  Embolden (wanna be) politicos, self-absorbed royals and Celeb-reality star’s old habits dying hard have all made for a truly exasperating last couple of days in America!

The Obama Birth Certificate and Subsequent Trump Touting

After an entire political campaign shrouded in faux controversy and speculation, and for almost three years thereafter, today the White House released President Obama’s long form birth certificate for all the world to see.  The document confirms that Barack Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on August 4, 1961 to an American mother and Kenyan father.  Not that this fact was disputed by the millions of lucid and coherent citizens of this country, but in what appears to have been an effort to appease the crazies, the POTUS attempted to put the whole birther (non) scandal to rest.

Calling the utter buffoonery surrounding the origins of his birth “a distraction”, and expressing that he was bemused and even puzzled over the fascination with his birth certificate, President Obama said he released the long-form version in order to help get the nation’s attention back on the “enormous challenges” facing the country.

Not to be outdone, The Hairpiece Donald; recent spokesman and inciter of all things anti-Obama and anti-intelligent decided to hold a press conference today after The President’s long form birth certificate was disclosed to take credit for forcing Obama’s hand. Trump spoke specifically about how proud and honored he was for getting Obama to do what no one else had been able to.

“I have done a great service to the American people…He did it for me — the fact is, I get things done.”

C’mon, really?  Donald Trump taking credit for the POTUS deciding to divulge his birth certificate is like him taking credit for growing that follicley-challenged headdress atop his dome that he has tried to convince America is his hair for the past decade. Please dude; save the bravado for Gary Busey (and the release of those tax returns)!

In other Obama-disrespecting News…

Conservative political commentator and syndicated blow-hard Pat Buchanan was on Hardball with Chris Matthews Tuesday night to pontificate about the President’s success being a result of Affirmative Action.  While he didn’t go the Donald Chump route in seeking to qualify the president’s background (His Royal Comb-overness believes that along with the birth certificate, Obama’s grades and transcripts from Occidental College should be released), Buchanan does believe that President Obama had some kind of help with his post-graduate admissions:

“I think he’s affirmative action all the way.  He’s an African-American kid at a time when everybody’s saying bring those guys in, give them an advantage, move them ahead… I know how I got into Columbia. You can take a look at any of his [records], let’s take a look if he’s got all these great grades and wrote these great articles. Let’s see the magnificent work he did to achieve the greatness he achieved… it’s about whether he benefited from affirmative action. Is that an illegitimate question?”

Yes sir, it is.  Especially since your presumption is that because he was an African-American kid (and let me just say, I was quite surprised that Buchanan utilized that politically correct descriptor in his conversation with Matthews…wait, he did say “those guys”…never mind) applying for Columbia and Harvard, that he didn’t do so on the grounds of his own merit and accomplishments.

But hey, I’m sure Pat exerted this same amount of effort in determining how qualified Dub-yah was during his Skull and Bones days and later for the role of Leader of the Free World during his presidency, too.

The British Are Coming

Whether it’s been radio updates, news briefs or various social media countdowns, it seems that the world is captivated by the impending nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton this coming weekend.  I even read an article about how even after the years of dating and finally the engagement of William and Kate, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip only recently met Kate’s parents (like, last week recently).  And yes, while I would find it a little odd for the family of any couple about to get married to just be meeting only days before their wedding, can I just say…when will we GET OVER IT!?  I ask this especially of the salivating American media and public (yep, looking at you E! Network).  Maybe I’m just hating because after the extravagance of Diana’s wedding, no other British nuptials will ever be able to grasp and keep my attention at 3 in the morning again (sorry Fergie).

But really, for as excited as we Yankees seem to be, does anyone remember the risks our founding fathers took and the sacrifices they made to abscond under the cover of darkness to get out from under the thumb of the monarchy? Humph, throw in a chariot, some ladies in waiting, 1,500 yards of tulle and a diamond encrusted tiara and all is forgotten, huh?

Hide Ya Bong, Hide Ya Roach (Clip) and Hide Ya Rolling Papers Cause They Arresting Every Body Out Here!

Just when I thought Antoine was going to take his 50% Bed Intruder iTunes earnings, open up his very own House of Hair and live happily ever after, obviously I was wrong.   Mr. Autotune was arrested in Alabama this past weekend for marijuana possession, as well as charges for speeding and failing to have insurance.

Wait, what? He was driving a Mercedes? Uninsured?

See, this is exactly why iCan’t!

What latest media broadcasts, newsflashes or updates have gotten on your nerves thus far this week?


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