She’s Baaaaack: Serena (Cat)suits Up…Again

26 Apr

Well, it’s actually more “Pink Panther” than “Cat Woman” this go round, but in true Williams fashion (no pun intended), Serena has taken to the courts again after a brief hiatus, and this time has done so in all her Pepto Bismol finery.

Apparently, not even a blood clot could hamper the competitiveness (or apparently the fashion) of Serena Williams.  A little more than a month since the tennis phenom was sidelined with a pulmonary embolism, had to undergo emergency treatment and her return to tennis was projected at being at least a year away, Serena was recently spotted a couple of weeks ago looking healthy and getting her serve on in what could only be described as slinky pink long johns.

And, while I am not a fan of the Aneres Fashion Line (Serena spelled backwards…no, seriously), I must admit that I admire the fact the instead of rebelling by marching to the beat of a different drummer, Serena goes as far as to perform her own grandiose drum solo when it comes to her confidence and her clothing.  I mean really, it takes a special (and very self-assured) person to come out of the house looking as if she’s been slathered in Bubble Yum from head to toe, on purpose.

But to each his her own, right?

Personally, as much as I can do without seeing Serena and Venus’ peekaboo, skintight and barely there get-ups at just about every USTA Pro-Circuit event, I am not mad at the way that they’ve spat in the eye of convention; shaking up the old “gentlewomen’s” sport of Women’s Tennis as we’ve known it in favor of a more intense, empowering and entertaining experience for those of us who love the game and also for those who may have otherwise been disinterested in the sport had the braided, beaded and bedazzled glamazons not shown up on the scene.

Still, call it what you will, but with a fashion line almost a decade old, a highly sought after beau, a new video game…oh yeah, and like a gabillion Grand Slam Championships under her belt, the hit and miss fashionista is clearly doing something right!  And if the outfit is any indicator, it seems as if Serena is back to her old self.  I just hope she gets back to focusing on her game and quits trying to one-up her 2002 U.S. Open…ahem…ensemble, because at the rate she’s going, she’s clearly not going to be satisfied until she puts someone’s eye out!


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