16 Apr

With as much boob-tubery as I’ve filled my spare time with lately, I honestly began to give serious thought to discontinuing my cable service.  That was, until I sat a few nights ago and was absorbed into Oprah’s world of wonder and whimsy (as is often the case when it comes to OWN).

For a welcome change from the regular buffoonery and tripe being filtered through our televisions, The Mighty O took a page from the ABC hit primetime news show “20/20” and developed an entire show around their popular segment What Would You Do?

In What Would You Do: Own Edition, the network revisits old episodes of the popular “20/20” social experiment where faux scenarios based loosely on real-life news headlines are executed with actors and hidden cameras around unassuming bystanders and passersby in hopes that the good in humanity will somehow prevail over prejudice, ignorance and fear.  And while humanity itself was definitely questioned when viewing some of the results of these forged situations, there were certainly a few instances where my faith in the inherently honorable nature of mankind was restored.  But none of the reactions however, were more admirable than the tear jerking compassion displayed by the unlikely angelic spirit of an unassuming woman by the name of Linda Hamilton.

Would your response have been the same?


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