Adams Carries A&M, Yet The Skylar’s The Limit?

6 Apr

I almost came unglued a few times as I sat on the edge of my seat through the thriller that was the real NCAA Basketball Championship Game Tuesday night (Yep, I said it; don’t be mad at me because the UConn v. Butler Men’s Championship game was a snooze-fest)!

But even more than the superbly coached teams, well executed schemes and overall aggressive and competitive play throughout the game, I was most pleased with the well-deserved reception that the ladies of Texas A&M and Notre Dame (and the other women’s tourney teams) received by showing the world that the entertainment, determination, skill and hard work they displayed through the duration of the NCAA tournament was certainly nothing new in women’s athletics.

And as happy as it made me last night and this morning to read and watch how the media had effectively hitched a ride aboard the Women’s Collegiate Basketball bandwagon; even touting these phenomenal athletes as truly exemplary students of the game, all I had to do was catch a few snippets from the blogosphere that basically relegated the accomplishments of these women to a sweaty episode of America’s Next Top Model, to have my natural high completely deflated.

According to a few writers on the web, the dominance shown on the court from senior players like Sydney Colson or First-Team All-American Danielle Adams, whose 30 points (22 of which were scored in the second half) propelled the Lady Aggies to their first National Title, seemed to be of little consequence when compared to the “overnight sensation” label bestowed upon Notre Dame’s star point guard Skylar Diggins after her impressive tournament performance.  Now don’t get me wrong, as a sophomore who is Naismith listed, named to the All-American Team, voted MVP in the Big East and a member of the Final Four all-tournament Team, Diggins is one of the most dynamic players in Women’s Basketball, but instead of speaking to her prowess on the court, the articles I read focused more specifically on how “hot” she is.

Now to be honest, if I were Skylar Diggins, sure, a part of me would certainly be flattered to be on so many people’s radars, (well except for Lil’ Wayne’s who practically Twitter stalked the girl and professed that she was his “wifey” throughout the Final Four) even if a lot of the attention I received was geared more toward my comely genetics than my superior handles, but another part of me; the blood, sweat and tears part that gave my all Tuesday night…yet it wasn’t enough, would hope that my hard work on the hardwood was what truly enamored the masses (especially in light of the fact that that I scored a combined 51 points in 2 Final Four Games to help my team best powerhouse squads like Tennessee and UConn to get to the big show)!


It is just so unfortunate that in this day and age, even with the talent level and continuous changing of the guard in Women’s Basketball; some people would so easily appoint these ladies to be Basketball Wives instead of Basketball Stars.



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