Oh, Oh, Oh Emm Gee Liza!

4 Apr

So, where the heck was I when one of the greatest showbiz divas decided to pay homage to a once-country gal from Houston?!?!

I mean obviously, when Sex and The City 2 came out, it registered rather low on my “compelling movies to view that will change my life” list, even with talk from reviewers that Liza Minnelli made an unforgettable cameo in the flick.  But thanks to the monopolistic rates charged by Time Warner Cable for premium channels like HBO, I was finally able to see what all the fuss was about for myself.

Channel surfing on Saturday after the disappointing VCU loss to Butler, and the lackluster game between UConn and Kentucky, the honey and I stumbled upon Liza working Stanford and Anthony’s guest list of homo and hetero friends into a complete frenzy ala Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”.  And while I’ve tirelessly campaigned to have that heavily rotated, oversaturated ode to the women sans male companionship retired from the airwaves, Ms. Minnelli’s rendition certainly made me into a new fan of the song (c’mon, don’t judge me; geriatric gyrating and ring flashing at a gay wedding…that’s genius).


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