The Only Thing I’m Packing Today Are Birthday Gifts

24 Mar

Although for many moons I have so graciously shared the day of my birth with the likes of Harry Houdini and Peyton Manning, March 24th has always been a day in which to celebrate the life (and sometimes admittedly, the lunacy) of Tiffany.

And while as a part of my civic duty I should be sharing some motivational nugget with you guys on this here day of my birth, truthfully this is the one day in which I am actually unapologetically all-about-me (gasp).

That said however, I am not too self-absorbed to not be grateful for another year of life, a loving family and the ability to reflect upon all the many blessings that have been bestowed upon me (namely my Macy’s birthday gift cards, monetary endowments and my honey’s resilience and dexterity in the face of the slew of camped-out Apple groupies in order to secure my new iPad 2!!!).

But seriously, as The Pack Household prepares for the Big Boy and the Baby Child’s birthday this week as well (the three of us celebrate Birthday Week every year), today I take this opportunity to relish in just one “me” day out of the year without reproach.

Happy Birthday to me!



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