Sometimes I Wear an “S” On My Chest

13 Feb

It is likely apparent to those who know me, or even those can effectively read between the lines when perusing this blog, that my theme song is “I’m Every Woman” and is cued up whenever I walk into a room.  No, I am not boasting or horn-tooting about the things that I accomplish, but am instead stating a simple fact that when it comes to a lot of tasks and not enough hours in the day, I’m your girl.

Now while some of my multi-role playing is inevitable and merely the nature of the beast, I will admit that there are other parts that I play, that are of my own design.  Let’s take for instance this weekend.  Although I knew I’d be the Big Girl’s City League and AAU basketball chaperone while periodically checking in on The Big Boy in the role of AAU Wrestling Tournament concierge for the entire day, I still found the time to swing by The Home Depot to purchase some items for a furniture reclaiming project that I’d been dying to complete for at least four months now.

And even as I dragged my tired behind home at dusk, completely weary and wishing only to abscond into the recesses of relaxation with Calgon and later my down comforter, I still found the energy to sand and stain a tired looking dresser drawer set that needed a little TLC and Minwax Red Mahogany 225.  Of course, after I polyurethaned the set did my honey come along to assess the finished project and claim that he’d have been willing to help me.

To that, I told him that no matter how much I did on my own, I would always need him and welcome his help, and to prove it, he could carry the dresser set up to The Baby Girl’s bedroom.

Evidently, I am not the only woman who regularly “does the most,” yet desires the assistance of her man:

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