Michelle, My Bell

10 Feb

I know that she was supposed to be on The Today Show to support the President’s performance and to discuss a bevy of other politicky things yesterday, but after just one look at the FLOTUS’s gams with Matt Lauer, I was no longer interested in the POTUS’s smoking habit, graying scalp or even his approval rating.

With a clever mixture of traditional, bold and Hot Dang!, Michelle Obama rang in the start of New York Fashion week by epitomizing the sort of fashion forwardness that has become her signature since accompanying her hubby to The White House two years ago.  But although Lady O tends to draw the ire of some designer’s with her bold style choices, it’s the fact that she’s done it (again) on a dime this time that has tongues a-wagging now.  Long a fan of the practically priced ensemble, Mrs. Obama customized a simple navy polka-dotted H&M dress (purchase price: $34.95) with the help of a sleeve-affixing seamstress, an orange belt and the bossiest yellow heels I’ve ever seen (LOVED ‘EM) for her Wednesday interview.

Now, while I am sure that her down-market fashion “win” will do little to quell the discontent from many of her critics who believe her flippant attitude and expensive taste more closely mirror Marie Antoinette than an American First Lady, I would offer that  Michelle Obama continues to prove that she can make just about anything look good…and with Boehner and ‘dem promising to throw out the baby with the bath water, perhaps they should consider wrapping her in their current wave of GOP planned billion dollar budget cuts (aimed at programs like school aid, environmental initiatives, family planning service and funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting).


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