Leave Christina Alone: I’m Not One for Ramparts Either

7 Feb

Vodpod videos no longer available.

It’s a song we all learned in primary school, one we’ve sung, hummed or mouthed every fall Friday night in high school, one that gives us chills whenever it is blared at the Olympic Games and yes, one we should all know by heart.

Now don’t get me wrong, while half the drunkards in the Jonesy-Dome didn’t even notice the minor gaffe, it was still pretty embarrassing (and a little confusing…I had to mute the TV and sing the song over in my mind, just to ensure *I* hadn’t been singing it wrong all these years) that one of our more admired and decorated pop stars (as opposed to one of our shunned crack pots) took to the sporting world’s biggest stage and nip-tucked The National Anthem like a nervous talent show contestant.  But from the outcry and sheer discontentment in some cases, it would almost seem that many of you were expecting the perfection of a sweated-out, track suit, pre-crack Whitney rendered Star-Spangled Banner to have been sung at Sunday night’s Super Bowl festivities.  And for as much of a “blue-eyed soul” songstress as Aguilera truly is, it simply is not fair to her or to any singer that has come before or will come after her, to compare their “anthem” performances to the one that still gives Whitney Houston a pass in our hearts; even after all these years of drugs, shambolic weaves and other buffoonery while in the company of Bobby Brown.

Still, I get it.  Grammy-Award winning singer or not, an artist honored with the coveted responsibility of commencing Super Bowl  XLV with The National Anthem, should at the very least remember all of its words…especially when said artist has had so much practice “sangin” it (*cough* twice at last year’s NBA Finals *cough*), right?

Well, it’s a good thing for Christina that like Burlesque, this too shall pass.



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