Black (History Month) Is Back!

1 Feb

Its February…the time of year when love is in the air and our celebration of American History has a decidedly melanin-enriched focus.  And what better way to embody both high points of this festive month than to take a moment and exhibit the love and historical significance of The Obamas (courtesy of Ebony’s February cover)?

Now, although I’ve come to find the POTUS and FLOTUS to be a most refreshing change to an otherwise monotonous political climate, I still find it interesting when recollecting on the 2008 election, that so many people were convinced that with the swearing in of Barack Obama as “America’s President,” he would somehow usher in this sort of saccharine age of post-racial harmony, where there would no longer be a need for affirmative action, government funded social programs, and of course my all-time favorite, an entire 28 days dedicated to the struggles, successes and contributions of African Americans to this country (that sound you hear is Dr. Carter G. Woodson rolling in his grave).

But in all seriousness, it’s the stories like those of Cornelius Dupree, Kelley Williams-Bolar, Jordan Miles, The Scott Sisters or even Jerrell Horton that prove that we have a long way to go before a true post-racial nation can be realized (Black President or not) and further reinforces how imperative it is for this country to not only learn from the darker shade of American History, but to embrace it as well.

It’s like that timeless adage of not knowing where we are going until we know where we’ve been…it must apply to us all collectively (not just in February or only during the other 337 days of the year) if we ever hope to truly be the thriving and land of unity and opportunity that we profess to be (while we chastise other nations for being oppressive and intolerant…yes, I said it).

*Takes a deep, cleansing breath*

That said, here’s to the celebration of Black History Month.



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