Praise Break: Funky Fresh Senior Choir…Wait, What?

31 Jan

OMJesus! It appears that someone has earned themselves a non-stop bullet train ticket to the hot place as a result of this one!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

For those who regularly follow this blog, you know that on occasion I enjoy a random viral “church” funny as much as the next person, but I am not convinced that whoever pieced this crotchety foolishness together was of sound mind when they did so.

And as amusing as getting a group of warbling senior citizen together, naming them the Funky Fresh Senior Choir (no, seriously) and having them harmonizing about “Riding Dirty” and other hip-hop buffoonery, one has to wonder why their minister of music was not sat down immediately.

Note: Although it is understood that the video above is likely a “spoof,” it is certainly not my intention to make light of the criminal (and still very much unreported) act of Elder Abuse.   I do believe however, that although an attempt at humor (in a disturbing sort of way) this here video qualifies as the exploitation of an otherwise melodic group of geriatrics.  What say ye?


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