“Take My Debt Away…”

31 Jan

Although in last week’s national address President Obama reassured “We, The People” that the state of our union was strong, I think that we can all admit that a serious bone of contention amongst politicians, pundits and the American people, liberal and conservative alike still seems to be this nation’s outrageous national debt (to the tune of roughly $14 Trillion).  Another national common annoyance to be sure, is clearly the fact that of this exorbitant amount, our great nation is beholden to China for nearly $843 Billion.

Knowing this, I am guessing that our indebtedness has given the Chinese government the hutzpah to dupe their citizens by exploiting American cinema….1986 style.  According to The Wall Street Journal Online, this could be exactly what China’s major state run television company, China Central Television hoped to accomplish recently.

In a newly released broadcast, the network aired video footage of what they claimed were Air Force training exercise images, but after the newscast went viral, countless Maverick, Iceman and even Goose fanatics alleged that the fake-me-out clip was actually a scene taken from the 1986 cult classic film “Top Gun.”

CCTV’s airing of what was depicted as a J-10 aircraft firing a missile on an F-5 jet during practice drills by the People’s Liberation Army Air Force had to many, a striking resemblance to the fancy flying of the wiley Pete “Maverick” Mitchell as played by Tom Cruise in the famous Hollywood motion picture.  And amid the growing controversy behind the copycat mid-air maneuvering, CCTV was forced to remove the aerial clip from its website, although a spokesperson for their foreign affairs department released a statement denying any knowledge of the incongruous incident.

Now, CCTV can say what they want, but after checking out the video myself, it definitely looks like although subtly, China definitely did some borrowing of its own from the American motion picture industry; and considering that Top Gun has grossed $354 Million worldwide since first being released, the only reasonable thing to do for pretending that the PLAAF was even half as awesome as the fictional Top Gun Naval Flying School would be for China to reduce our debt by at least that much.

Just Sayin’.

Vodpod videos no longer available.



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