He’s At It Again: McDonald’s, Fasting and The Babychild

3 Jan

As a part of our every-New-Year-ritual, my honey and I have adopted the practice of consecrating the first 36 – 40 days of the year to God (a tithe, if you will) as a means of starting the year off right, and getting more definitive purpose and direction for our lives for the coming year.  As such, we typically decide upon a fast to implement and stick to throughout the month of January (for accountabilities sake, I have chosen to do the sun-up to sun-down fast, while the honey has selected the no meat, fruit/veggie option; so if you should happen to see either of us at Krispy Kreme…).

So in preparation for this severely arduous time (when like clockwork, just about every sort of food commercial will come on television, or discounted restaurant coupon will arrive in the mail), the honey and I put the kids on notice that there would be very little “everyday” home-cooked meals being prepared (substitute: freezer dinners) and even fewer instances of dining out until February.  As they began calling out various meals and restaurants to entice us and break our resolve (rotten kids), The Babychild blurted out rather brusquely that he wanted to go to McDonald’s. Explaining to him as only a father could that McDonald’s was poison and that we shouldn’t be eating there, The Babychild stared at him blankly as if he didn’t know the man:

“Daddat, stop fibbing already! You Looooovvvvveee McDonald’s!”

Although we won’t be eating there anytime soon, Mikey D’s can rest assured that they have at least one ringing endorsement coming out of The Pack Household!




One Response to “He’s At It Again: McDonald’s, Fasting and The Babychild”

  1. sunt97 January 3, 2011 at 8:55 pm #

    LOL, good luck with your plans. My son had McD’s today.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

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