Not Even Usher Can Make Head Trauma Look Segzy

16 Dec

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I know that it’s part ego, part fan appreciation, but I still take serious issue with performers bringing audience members onstage to be “worked” over.  I mean really, if I’m paying 50 plus dollars to see one of my favorite artists in concert, I can guarantee you that the last thing I’m looking forward to is watching he or she pull some squealing simp onto the stage who is going to wail and waterworks so uncontrollably through my favorite song, that I won’t even be able to recognize the lyrics.  Not only that, but the hysterics that the fanatic goes into while on stage oftentimes end up with security personnel having to peel the lusty individual off of said favorite singer and ruining an otherwise decently choreographed stage show.  From a bare chested Bobby to a gyrating Trey…they’ve all extended the invite to that one lucky fan, and each time, the fan came away with anything from an article of clothing to an unsanctioned lip lock to the singers’ “stunned” surprise.

But as far as concert onstage fan shockers go, Usher and his booted beauty at Madison Square Garden definitely take the cake.  During his recent performance in New York, Ursher did his perfunctory audience trolling for some “lucky” lady to grind up against while he serenaded her (clearly he is still of the mind that dry humping in E minor is swoon worthy).  Once on stage though, it became apparent that Usher’s muse was determined not to be forgotten by him…or anyone else.  In what can only be described as a “straddle fail”, the young lady decided that she was going to be the one wooing; up until she opted to swing her leg over Mr. Raymond’s head and connected smack-dab with his temple.  And try as he might, there was no salvaging that one. Homegirl basically kicked the next lyric right out of Usher’s mouth and all he could do was take a second to shake off the embarrassment and imminent concussion.

Ever the showman however, Usher was gracious in accepting boot chick’s apology and didn’t even call for his bodyguards to throw her back into the throng of laughing onlookers.  Still, I imagine this incident has certainly gotten Tameka’s ex reevaluating the whole idea of crooning to random women in the audience at his next show. Let’s be real, who needs the headache (zing, LOL).


2 Responses to “Not Even Usher Can Make Head Trauma Look Segzy”

  1. Dionne December 16, 2010 at 1:58 pm #

    Girl that was funny! Poor Ursher…WHY was she trying to do all that anyway? Just be happy sitting there. Geez. Trying to be all extra and WHAM! Dude got a boot imprint in his face. Boy oh boy…funny.

  2. Tiffany December 16, 2010 at 7:37 am #

    Wow that was priceless. I know when she got back to the crowd everyone was like, “dumbass”.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

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