Panera Bread, I Think I Love You!

2 Dec

Soooo, it’s official. 

After the lunch I just had today, I can now efficiently hibernate until March!

Having seen a random Panera Bread advert last week extolling their newest creation, I figured that since I had a long work day ahead of me (yep, still here) and typically didn’t eat lunch until around 3pm anyway, I might as well swing by and partake of their delectable fare. 

Well, little did I know; my taste buds, palate and gastrointestinal regions have be treated to such succulent and filling flavors that I’ve been sitting at my desk utterly stuffed for almost five hours now, and as a result of my too-satiated-to-walk status, have unabashedly requested from the company security officer, a piggyback ride to my car.

Take my word for it, Panera’s Steak Chili (with sweet cornbread “croutons”), Smokehouse Turkey Panini and Toffee Nut Cookie (‘cause I’ve been good) is the truth, and nothing but the truth (Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to call the fire department to reserve The Jaws of Life this evening to assist me when it’s time to get out of my pants.)

That is all.


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