Black Friday Foolery…Again

28 Nov

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Same buffoonery, different year.

No matter how many enticing television advertisements I see or sales papers that I receive in the mail each year, you can guarantee that whenever Black Friday approaches, I am not anticipating what great sales I’ll obtain if I’d only pre-position myself in a God-forsaken long line outside a major retailer on Thanksgiving night, but instead you can find me awaiting the nightly news coverage of individuals who’ve abandoned their sense of holiday humanity for the latest gadget or marked down knick-knack.

 As with every year, this Black Friday was no exception. From arrests for line-butting at Toys R’ Us, to parking lot muggings outside of various departments stores, the official holiday shopping kick-off day once again brought out the absolute worst in thousands of people who just 24 hours early, spent the day being grateful and appreciative for their families, lives, health and strength. But after watching this here clip, I had to wonder if some of these price dropping chains weren’t helping to perpetuate this bad and sometimes even dangerous buyer behavior.

Take for instance the fact that in this particular store (who much like Voldemort, shall not be named) they allowed shoppers to enter the store prior to some of the merchandise even being properly unloaded out of the shipping crates. It’s quite evident that most of the shoppers were already prepared to get the jump on the in-store deals. Why then would this store exacerbate the situation by allowing the shoppers entry before the store was even prepared to accommodate them? And then, once the melee began, for the department manager to actually be outraged and blowing a whistle in an effort to somehow stop the frenzy (over what looked to be coffee makers…c’mon people), it has to make you wonder what he really expected would happen (I’m guessing a handle-holding, testimony service).

Still, for all the complaining that I do with regard to After-Thanksgiving-Day-Heathens, just know that you won’t ever catch me out throwing elbows at 4 a.m. with the masses. If I can’t purchase those “gotta have” items online and on cyber Monday, then I will gladly wait for a reasonable non-MMA shopping day to do so, believe that!


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