From The Mouths of Bushes: Support for Georgie, Tea Party Confusion and a SADDOWN Issued to Sarah

22 Nov

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It is seldom that I tune into Tales from The Crypt, as the Crypt Keeper is simply too frightening to look upon Larry King Live nowadays unless he has booked the sort of controversial interview that will have tongues a-wagging the next day, so you should know that I am completely enamored that the Bushes (Senior) will be gracing the suspendered one’s show this week!

Having sat down with King for an interview scheduled to air on CNN’s Larry King Live tonight, the former President and First Lady discussed topics ranging from the country’s current political climate to the impending 2012 presidential race.  And while George Herbert remained politically innocuous in his praise for Dub-yah’s current book tour and analysis of the Tea Party (although he did admit to not really understanding what it is and that its “big picture” role was a bit confusing), it was Babs’ not-so veiled answers regarding her thoughts on a Sarah Palin presidential run that undoubtedly propelled this pre-taped interview to instant Must See TV Status, and left me almost wanting to high-five the snarky old bird (that is, until I remembered her 2005 NPR elitist diatribe on how the underprivileged Katrina victims were better off in the Houston Astrodome and her concern that they’d consider permanently relocating to Texas…tsk, tsk)!

I think what will be interesting come Tuesday morning however, will be The Right’s response to Mrs. Bush’s clear dismissal of Sarah Palin’s political aspirations. Had Hillary Clinton or even Michelle Obama implied that Palin was beautiful, but better suited as a simple resident of Alaska, I have no doubt that conservative hell-raisers (namely Beck, Limbaugh and O’Reilly) would be doing their darndest to discredit these women as complacent, bitter and even envious talking heads for the Obama Administration (oh wait…they already do classify these women as such).  Now that the discord seems to be within conservative ranks, I wonder if the conservative media will be as eager to fricassee the Bushs’ unapologetic mother hen in much the same way.

Stay Tuned.


One Response to “From The Mouths of Bushes: Support for Georgie, Tea Party Confusion and a SADDOWN Issued to Sarah”

  1. Tiffany November 22, 2010 at 9:26 pm #

    I thought this was hilarious. Every time they show the clip I giggle. Barbara’s no joke.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

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