Today Was A Good Day

17 Oct

I have to say, there is (almost) nothing I look forward to more at the end of the week than a relaxing and uneventful weekend.  Of course, I don’t mind attending my kids’ meets, matches or games, nor do I have qualms with appearing at my sister-friends’ birthday parties or baby showers, but sometimes I find absolute solace in simply sitting next to my bay window and just “being”.

And so far, this Saturday and Sunday are shaping up to be the sort of weekend that I’ve longed to luxuriate in.  Having opted to attend Saturday Church yesterday, I lounged for much of the morning in bed today and let my honey make me breakfast.  When I finally did get my gears going after a long aromatic soak, I did a little mid-morning banking and noticed that my self-imposed shoe budget had significantly increased due to my bank account being credited for a medical overpayment that I’d apparently made last week. 

Those little unforeseen bonuses coupled with the fact that I have some homemade, dark chocolate and walnut brownies on the cooling rack in my kitchen, and I’d have to look at today and whole-heartedly agree with Ice Cube circa 1993.


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