In Case You Haven’t Noticed, I’m Scaling Back A Bit

13 Oct

Hola Pack Faithful!  When last we spoke, The Migraine from Hell had me laid prostrate and in full submission, declaring that I was indeed Toby and that he, not I was the boss of all things cranial.  Well, several junkie-doses-too-many of ibuprofen and an undisturbed 48 straight hours in the bed (yep, even attended Bedside Baptist on Sunday), I can tell you that I’m feeling significantly better than last weekend.

Well of course, after worrying everyone in my house and all of my friends and family within a hundred mile radius, I was forced coerced into making a doctor’s appointment post haste to identify what exactly was going on in this head of mine.  As it turns out, stress seems to be the early identifiable culprit in this case of brain-ache with a side of torture.  While more tests are going to be ordered, I figured that I would be proactive in alleviating some of the stressors in my life that could easily trigger another Head-Bangers Ball in my skull.

Oh, who am I kidding!?!?!?!  The stressors in my life right now are all of the things that keep food on the table, the bills paid, or that I agreed to raise until the age of eighteen.  To toss “all that” by the wayside would definitely assuage the pain, but I can assure you that it would also lead to me having permanent reservations at a Homeless Shelter and likely being charged with four counts of child neglect.  So, in an effort to stay off the Channel 3 Nightly News at 11pm, I thought that I would approach The Pack a little differently for a while as an alternative.

I figured that since I like having electricity, clothes, a home, etc and the baby child and ‘dem enjoy eating so much, instead of telling the man to take this job and shove it, I would simply keep the blogging light.  While this doesn’t necessarily mean that I won’t be blogging at all, it does mean that my posts for the next couple of weeks won’t be the drama-filled, expose-esque or critical thinking type.  If I stub my toe and want to rant, you’ll likely find it here.  If the man wearing shades and a jogging suit that is driving next to me down the interstate in a Cadillac Seville embodies all of the stereotypes befitting a man of la famiglia, expect to read about it here.  If the tennis moms are hanging out strawberries after a match and nary a child or parent washes their hand before reaching into the carton, then expects me and mine to have some, yep, I’m posting it!

That’s right folks; until such time as we can figure out how to thwart the cycle of those hellacious migraines that come every two months or so and leave me begging for sweet release, I’m going to be unrepentantly chillaxing on the blog.  Let’s see how that works.


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