I Simply CANNOT Today!

8 Oct


I can barely type a complete sentence; much less convey a complete and coherent blog thought today.

Why, you ask?

Migraine, Migraine, Migraine!!!

You know the kind that feels as though  your eyeball are seeking refuge anywhere but inside your skull; the kind that fills your tear ducts to capacity and threatens to leave you a sniveling baby at your workstation; the kind that laughs in the face of ZOMIG and MAXALT (and completely kicks Advil’s candy-coated-behind up and down the pharmacy aisle).  Yeah, that kind of migraine.  And it’s gotten so bad that my out-of-town honey has called my mother to drive an hour to come and pick me up from work (now that is a Lifetime Movie Network special waiting to happen!).

So forgive me if today’s post encompasses the things that boredom is made of.  I feel pretty crappy, and I am absconding to my bed in 10…9…8…and depending on how I feel on the morrow…7…6…5…we may try this whole deep blog thing again.  Until then…4…3…2…feel free to peruse the previous posts at your leisure.


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