Caption This: Another Man-Law Breaker

25 Sep

O divine and tricksy internet gods, how in the name of all things green and big-boned did two years pass without me seeing this picturesque little gem? 

Glen “Big Baby” Davis is one of those basketball players who, despite his more football-appropriate build, you still root for and love to see get substantial playing time on the court.  Too bad he continues to find himself in embarrassing situations that make you wonder if he’s ever read his copy of Man-Law Digest (can’t you just see his feet swinging back and forth?).

Now for the record, I am a Glen Davis fan; who doesn’t love a guy with heart, determination and a an uncanny resemblance to Shrek, but thanks to his overly expressive posing, I have no choice but to caption him:

Glen Davis Smizes (Smiles with his eyes; thanks Tyra) after The Boston Celtics defeat the L.A. Lakers in the 2008 NBA Championship Finals.


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