Weekend Warrior: Showers, Brunches & Ball Games

20 Sep

After last week’s hectic work schedule, I was looking forward to chillaxing over the weekend and simply curling up with a deactivated alarm clock and a good book.  I knew there were a few obligations that I had to honor on both Saturday and Sunday, but for the most part I’d planned for a drama free, Pack Approved Weekend.

Clearly, my sinuses did NOT get that memo.  Waking up Saturday morning at 7 a.m. (thanks to the babychild breathing 2 inches from my face with an “I’m hungry” on his lips), my nose and throat felt as though they’d simultaneously snorted and gargled hydrochloric acid.  Remembering that my honey was feeling under the weather for much of the week, I was pretty sure that I was likely suffering from the same little bug that he had.  Of course, when he got up Saturday morning, there was a spring in his step and no trace of illness could be found.

Girding myself up for a long 48 hours, I self-medicated on Halls, Earl Gray and Motrin, put on my big girl bloomers and got busy.  Successfully checking a Jack & Jill Baby Shower, Church Services, and My Sunday Savvy Sisters Brunch off of my weekend to-do list, I crashed and burned into my bed around 3 o’clock on Sunday afternoon.  With several hours of undisturbed rest under my belt (my honey’s daddy duty was much appreciated) I woke up feeling a little better…that is, until I turned on The Washington v. Houston game and died a little death as I watched Graham Gano make a 52-yard field goal in overtime, just as The Texans called an “ice the kicker” timeout; which of course resulted in him missing that same kick on his second try.

But in true silver lining fashion, the comforting prospect to the Skins’ loss and my depleted voice (having screamed in total dismay; to the honey’s complete amusement), was the fact that Dallas also took a dive…and to Da Bears at their home opener Sunday night. 

Yep, color me catty!  🙂


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