Happy Birthday to Tee Tee’s Baby!

17 Sep

Dios mio!  Today my nephew commences his journey through teenagerdom, and if I’m being honest, I’m breathing through a brown paper bag with my head between my knees…as…we…speak.

When did my sweet little midget go from watching me sleep (three inches from my face), drinking a gallon of milk a week, following me around the kitchen because that’s where the snacks were (his nickname was Tail until he was 5) and wanting to brush my hair with a fork to requiring a cellphone, having more friends on Facebook than I do, standing an inch shy from being taller than me and occasionally correcting my poor grammar?

I can clearly remember picking him up from BWI Airport 7 years ago with a Gameboy in one hand and a flight attendant’s hand in the other as he told me all about his “air-rocket ride” from Florida to Maryland.  I was fearful and hesitant about broaching the subject of him coming to live with The Pack, because due to the delicate situation, the last thing I wanted to do was upset him.  But wouldn’t you know it, my baby was more mature than I anticipated and spelled out to me his desire to stay with me until such a time as his return to Florida was established.

In the years since that day, we’ve laughed heartily, disagreed relentlessly, cried longingly and loved unquestionably.  As my own children have grown older, and with the addition of The Baby Child, Ye Ye (yet another nickname, as The Baby Child had a difficult time with his “J’s” early on) has always been my oldest; the mature one.  Even now, he is regularly known around the neighborhood as Mr. President for his worldly perspectives and diplomatic demeanor. 

And the kid has “intelligence” in spades. 

Recently testing in the 95th percentile on a national aptitude test, he’s been invited to Duke University with a group of other “One Day I’ll Be Your Boss” T-shirt wearers to get their first taste of the SAT. Similar to how collegiate recruiters seek out the best athletes in hopes of convincing them into wanting to attend their school, academic recruiters will be utilizing these scores to entice Mr. President and company into wanting to attend their institution of higher learning one day.

Thinking about all of that only further reminds me of how swiftly life can pass us by when we aren’t paying attention (still taking deep, calming breaths). Thankfully, although I wouldn’t mind him being my salad fork stylist forever, I have been paying attention to the young man that my nephew is becoming, and I must say that I couldn’t be more proud.

Happy Birthday Ye Ye!


Tee Tee

P.S.  He is going to totally slay me for these pictures!


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