Your Own Worst Enemy: When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong

13 Sep

With last night’s seemingly drama-free MTV Video Music Awards (which I unapologetically did not watch) and reports of Tanye’s (Taylor Swift and Kanye West) backstage truce, this weekend proved to be very slow and uneventful in the way of relevant Music Industry News.

Enter Moses Barrett III.

The North Carolina rapper (well, that’s what his resume states) better known as Petey Pablo was arrested over the weekend at RDU International Airport en route (ironically) to Los Angeles for The VMAs after allegedly trying to carry a gun aboard a U.S. Airways flight.

 According to an airport spokesperson, the entertainer told airport police that he’d forgotten the 9mm automatic pistol was in his carry-on luggage.  In the arrest warrant, officers wrote that Barrett knew that the gun, a Smith & Wesson 639 Model, had been reported stolen.  That claim, coupled with his 1993 armed robbery conviction (which landed him in prison for six years of his 14 year sentence), has shined a spotlight on the N.C. native’s convicted felon “street cred” and has garnered him the sort of attention that would tank, instead of revive a music career already on life support.

But clearly in the Pack Household, this couldn’t just be an open and shut case of “when keeping it real goes wrong.”  Ever the advocate and resident conspiracy theorist, my honey pointed out that celebrities oftentimes have someone in their entourage or a gopher to do things like maintain their schedules or pack their luggage, so it could very well be true that Petey Pablo was unaware that he was packing heat.  I of course would not even entertain this sorry excuse for devil’s advocacy, and with good reason:

  1. Calling Petey Pablo a celebrity, even when “Raise Up” was in heavy rotation, is reaching.
  2. Since his “Kangol-mink-wife-beater” combo wearing days on the set of Drumline,  Petey Pablo has likely not had enough going on to need a day-planner or an assistant, much less an entourage.
  3. This dude is a Convicted. Felon.  Isn’t it a felony for him to even own a Super Soaker?  And whether or not he knew the gun was in his luggage (humph), when it was discovered, he actually told the cops he was aware that the piece was stolen. Huh?
  4. His felonious behind was caught with a (stolen) concealed weapon. In an airport. On 9/11.  Of all the days not to have given your luggage a once over to ensure that that extra pair of Fruit of The Looms was packed, I am thinking that September 11th was not the day. 
  5. How’d he get tickets for the VMA’s anyway?

Nope, not buying it.  If you ask me, this is a classic case of when simple people do simple things.  Folks love to proclaim how “hard” they are, how much they “represent” and how “real” they keep it, until reality kicks them through the goal posts of life.  And I’d wager that possession of a firearm by a felon, possession of a stolen gun and carrying a concealed weapon charges are about as real as it gets.  Here’s wishing his defense attorney good luck…and a miracle.

Update:  While proofing this post, my honey came home and shared that he listened to a radio interview just this afternoon, featuring Petey Pablo.  According to my bleeding heart honey, Petey explained that while mentoring a friend out of a bad situation, he tried to do right by convincing the guy to give him the gun that he’d been planning to use.  Stowing it away months ago, Petey simply forgot that he had it.

“See Tiff, he was trying to do a good deed and got hemmed up.”

Maybe, just maybe I can envision that.  As such, I amend my assessment of the case: Taking one for the team, while keeping it 100.  Perhaps therein lies your reasonable doubt Mr. Defense Attorney.


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