Revenge of The Nerd

30 Jul

It’s so funny for me to see old 80’s sitcoms that are now in syndication and wonder what ever became of the characters that I grew up watching (I’d like to take a moment to officially issue an All-Points Bulletin for Charmaine Brown, DJ Tanner and Lisa Turtle). 

This was the case a few years ago when that nasty little rumor about Jaleel White taking his own life made its rounds on the internet.  After going through the 5 Stages of Grief only to later “snopes” the story and discovered that it was false, I again took to the internet (you’d think I’d learn) to see what really became of Steve Urkel’s real-life persona.  Surprisingly, long gone were the suspenders, coke-bottle glasses and overall scrawniness.  The aesthetically challenged duckling with the unrequited feelings for Laura Winslow had indeed developed into a swan matured mallard.  White’s transformation of course made me very pleased, as I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for the socially awkward and tend to root emphatically for them, even if said underdog is a made up character with overly embellished geeky features.  But although White had clearly grown up and detached himself from his former character, it was his latest alleged thuggery that had me comparing his current and former selves while wondering, when in the world did Urkel get gully?

While it currently does not appear that charges against him will be pursued, it does seem that the dust has settled a bit on the latest “Men Behaving Badly: Hollywood Actors Edition” story involving White and his baby’s mother. 

According to several media outlets, the LAPD recently investigated claims made by Bridget Hardy that Jaleel White punched her in the breast (implant) while the two were driving down a Los Angeles freeway, and that he also slapped and pushed her into a toilet at their home.  White and his reps have maintained that the incident never happened and that the accusations were nothing more than a ploy by his daughter’s mother to sully his good name since they are currently engaged in heated custody issues.

The reality is however, that no one except the two parties involved can say with complete certainty what is true and what are lies, but the fact that the charges were dropped against White due to there not being enough evidence to pursue, as well as questions concerning Hardy’s credibility seem to have quelled any real media blitz over this story.  Still, for Jaleel White’s sake, I hope the allegations are untrue.  He has got to know that no matter how hard he tries to disassociate himself from Steve Urkel, the whole Mel-Gibson-Raging-Lunatic alternative is not the look that he ought to be going for.  And even though he’d be “off the hook” legally, the court of public opinion would still completely fricassee what was left of his career and discard the bones…Chris Brown, anyone?


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