FML: Flaunt My Life

2 Jul

After rereading Wednesday’s post, I realized that I was being more than a little obtuse over the fact that the back end of Black Beauty was accosted and marred without so much as an “oops, my bad” note from the offender.  The reality of the situation is that my vehicle is still operable and I wasn’t injured, so what am I really getting all bent out of shape about?

 It’s funny because as of late, it seems as though most people (myself included) are finding it easier to murmur and complain about any and everything instead of finding the blessing in the situation. Take for instance, The Twitter.  Not only does it encourage (by design) outspoken and opinionated perspectives, but it can breed very critical and rather cantankerous conversations.  Then there is the latest internet sensation known as the “Things I Hate” videos, which begin with a person sitting down in front of their recording device and basically citing every little random thing that he or she despises.

 With all of the mediums out there that encourage ungratefulness, I thought that it would be a good idea for me to take a different approach today and instead sit down and craft a list of the things in my life that I love and am actually grateful for (not to mention the fact that doing this exercise sort of serves as my penance for Wednesday’s saltiness).

 I Love:

  1. Waking up to a picturesque sunrise
  2.  The sight of my sleeping children
  3. An “unwrap and go” hair day
  4. The employees at Coldstone Creamery who blend two signature flavors for me, but only charge me for one
  5. When the babychild makes up words: kitcher (one who cleans a kitchen well)
  6. When the hubbie makes up words: meece (mice, if he’d thought about it before vocalizing it *LOL*)
  7. Feeding the ducks at the lake
  8. Mani and pedis
  9. A cool breeze on an abnormally hot day
  10.  A booming bass and treble
  11. Knowing I’m one of God’s favorites
  12. The results after giving 100% effort
  13. When my sister makes me laugh by imitating my parents and reciting the things that only they would say
  14. National Geographic and The Discovery Channel
  15. A Good Cry
  16. When my nephew is still too innocent to understand the crudeness of Sir-Mix-A-Lot and sings, “I like big buns and I care not line!” even though those lyrics make NO sense
  17. A brown man with a foreign accent
  18. Brunch
  19. An absolutely brutal game of Monopoly for PS2 on Family Game Night
  20. Miles Davis’ Beautiful Ballads And Love Songs album

 To be honest, everything else is just material and not worth the aggravation…which makes me further realize that sometimes I really can appreciate quiet moments of reflection and self-correction.  I guess you can say I’m growing up a little bit.


2 Responses to “FML: Flaunt My Life”

  1. Alicia July 3, 2010 at 9:04 am #

    Great post. I know I have to stop and think about all of the great things going on in my life instead of focusing on the negative.

  2. Tiffany July 2, 2010 at 10:45 am #

    Yep we all grow up and appreciate just being. I am sitting outside right now, with only the sound of the lawnmower down the street and few cars that are going by. I can hear my mother and my boys laughing inside the house. I love that.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

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