Ultimate Throw Back: MJ’s “MJs”

20 May

Here’s a blast from the past kiddies…

 When my cyber friend and fellow mommy-in-crime Portia posted this picture, I think that I actually pulled a Lazarus (died and came back to life; for the biblically challenged)!  Seriously, who not only remembers the L.A. Gear “MJs” (heck, who remembers L.A. Gear) but goes a step farther and finds evidence of their existence on the internet after more than 20 years?  Yet, there they are…in all their studded, leathery, buckled glory.

 Now as much as I hate to admit this, not only do I remember these shoes, but I wanted a pair in the WORST way when they came out in the late 80’s (the pink ones of course); which is funny because aside from a few commercials here and there, I honestly cannot recall seeing much advertising for them.  I guess that’s why ultimately the shoe line flopped and L.A. Gear tried to give Michael Jackson “the business” by way of a $10 million lawsuit for breach of contract, alleging that the King of Pop did not provide any viable videos to the company for use in its commercials.

 If I’m being honest though, that sounds like a lazy (read: incompetent) advertising department to me. Realistically, how could L.A. Gear justify laying all the blame for the failed line at Mike’s feet?  Let’s be real, shall we: the darn shoe was named after the biggest pop star on the planet!  Though sometimes unsure of his age or ethnicity, people all over the world have generally always been able to recognized Michael Jackson.  His name alone explains how the “MJs” ended up on the feet of the aboriginal people of Cape York (I kid, but you get my point).  And besides, there were a few print ads and commercials out there which showed MJ peddling endorsing the “MJ”, so it’s not like there was no name association with the product.  I mean really, short of lacing up the sneaker with strands of his Wave Nouveau, what more did the execs at L.A. Gear want Jackson to do?

 *Ends 20-years-too-late Rant*

 What’s amazing now is that in much the same way that clothing and other items repeat themselves over the years and become fashionable again, the “MJs” totally look like something that these trendy-fitted-cap-skinny-jeans-wearing kids would don today.  What’s even more amazing is the fact that in the last few years, people have actually started a petition to get L.A. Gear to revive the “MJ” shoe line.  Clearly, a part of the interest in the shoe revolves around paying tribute to the singers after his untimely death, but if L.A. Gear was smart, the company could certainly capitalize on folk’s interest while also providing a piece of pop culture history to the masses.

 What do you think?  Would it make sense for L.A. Gear to bring the “MJ” shoe line back, even if only for a limited time?  What about the collectors who bought the shoe back in the day and now have it sitting somewhere in their attic; how valuable do you think a pair of vintage “MJs” would be?  Would a portion of the “MJ” sales go toward Joe Jackson’s disputed monthly allowance (sorry, I couldn’t help it)?

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One Response to “Ultimate Throw Back: MJ’s “MJs””

  1. Tiffany May 21, 2010 at 6:05 pm #

    LOL, a portion to his daddy, huh? Anyways, I remember these like they were in the store yesterday. I remember pleading with my mother and she buying me Jordache shoes instead (yes, Jordache made some cheap a shoes back in the day). I hated them, everyone kept saying I had plastic shoes while other were rockin “MJs” as well as the dual color shoe laced LA Gears. I was a deprived child, maybe that is what is wrong with me now. It’s all because of those shoes!!!!

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

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