Buffoon of The Week: She-Ra Spares Skeletor

19 Apr

Back in the “Selena” and “The Cell” days, I was proud to say that I was a fan of the dynamic and multifaceted fly-girl turned actress, Jennifer Lopez.  After having ridden the “Money Train”, gotten involved with the “Shiny Suit Man,” dropped a couple of passable pop albums, become a serial dater and ultimately a chronic wedder though, it’s become increasingly difficult to see Lopez as anything more than a media darling (read: a celebrity great for gossip and magazine sales), as opposed to a celebrated and legitimate actress/artist. Even so, for a woman who was “doing the most” in film, music and tabloids and seemed to be everywhere at once like some sort of Masters of the Universe Super Heroine, the decision to finally settle down, and her rather peculiar marriage in “Grayskull” really had most people scratching their heads.  I must admit however that for the most part, Lola seemed to have found her (haggard) prince charming, and was blessed further with beautiful babies, so at least that’s a positive that I can point to.

Too bad the implications from her latest decision don’t speak of positivity within her marriage.  According to published reports, JLo has banned husband (Skeletor)  Marc Anthony from watching her “intimate” scenes in new movie The Back-up Plan, because she doesn’t want him to witness her seduce another man.  The romantic comedy features a brassy scene, showing Jenny From the Block strip and embrace her leading man on a kitchen table.

The starlet has refused to let Anthony watch the steamy footage because she doesn’t want to upset him.  Of the scene, Lopez says, “I didn’t want to torture the poor guy. He shouldn’t be watching when I’m seducing another man on a kitchen table. Personally I don’t like doing love scenes at all, because they make me feel uncomfortable.” 

Okay, how can I put this delicately?

Forget it! I’ll put us all out of our misery instead and  pin La Lopez with the Buffoon of the Week Award for her inability to separate fiction from reality.  Even though he’s pretty wiry, surely Mr. JLo has a strong enough constitution to see his wife  ACTING out an intense love scene without keeling over, right?

AND, if turns like this in the script make Lola uncomfortable, why in the world would she continue to act them out?

Not exactly what I’d describe as complete love, trust and respect in a relationship, but that’s just me.


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