THIS Is Why I Have DFCS On Speed Dial!

30 Mar

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An email that I received today made me realize that I am seriously close to losing all respect for this nation’s education system; that and the fact that I clearly need to step-up my PTA involvement…like ASAP. 

 The email in question came this afternoon from an associate of mine who sent what he thought was a “cute” video of the next up and coming young thespians of America.  What I witnessed however was a blatant disregard for integrity coupled with the worst type of loss imaginable…the loss of innocence.

 The video highlighted what looked to be primary school children reenacting the final scenes of Scarface; you know, Tony Montana in a cocaine induced shooting frenzy, inviting everyone to say hello to his little friend?  I kid you not people, only the stack of Tony’s coke was swapped out and replaced by a mound of popcorn, and his weaponry of choice was of the plastic, water-shooting and cap-popping variety. 

Kid-friendly props notwithstanding, the idea that some warped adult thought that paying homage to one of the world’s most violent, bloody and crude cult classics via a theatrical production starring children honestly makes me want to shed my cloak of non-violent objection for the sole purpose of kicking the offending party square in the teeth.

 Now, I will go ahead and tell you, I ended up viewing this nonsense more than once. No, not because I found any of the child-character’s likenesses to their original counterparts to be endearing or entertaining, nor because I believed that the concept of the play was ground-breaking.  And certainly not because I was awaiting the curtail call when the teacher would announce that the class would be performing The Godfather in the fall.  In all honesty, I simply could not believe the disturbing images I saw the first go-round, so I tried it again.  Unfortunately, the results were the same, as my mandible hit the ground. Again. Hard. 

 Oh, I don’t know, it could have been all the pretend cursing (exchanging an expletive for “fudgin” does not make the dialogue any less inappropriate for what look to be seven and eight year olds), or the shoot-out finale (that the children seemed only too excited to be participating in), that rankled me so.  Or maybe it was the fact that a school in Anytown, USA would allow this sort of foolishness, and at the end of the day everyone down at the school board still had their jobs.

 But don’t jump on my soap box and ride out this high-speed tangent with me just yet.  If I am being honest, and while I DO admit that there are some grave issues that affect our schools, I don’t believe that this sort of gross disregard for impressionable minds could truly exist in one of our nation’s school districts.  I guess the more I think about it, the greater the likelihood that this whole “school play” video was probably staged from the start (I hope), by some dill-weed who goes around exploiting children for internet fame.  And while that might let Anytown, USA and its school district off the hook, it doesn’t lessen my righteous indignation toward the parents who are to blame for letting their children contribute to this hot mess! 

I mean, really! These are babies people!  They should be embracing their immaturity like I do, when I “body rock” to Nick Jr.’s Backyardigans and Yo Gabba Gabba (My name is Tiffany,  and I’m an adult stan of kiddie shows).  They should not be “bustin caps” and telling the world to “fudge” off! 

And let me just say THIS: for those who think that this video is amusing or that these kids are “cute,” you just keep on turning a blind eye to the creation of these little monsters.  Just think, their behavior has all the makings of a home grown flash-mob in ten years!  Let’s see how cute you think they are then.

 So maybe at the end of the day, it isn’t my belief in the school system that is lost at all, but instead my faith in some American’s concept of parenting.  I swear, where is the Department of Family and Children’s Services when you need them?



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