Happy Born-Day To Me!

24 Mar

On this date, some three decades ago on the tropical island of Oahu, yours truly sprang forth full of life, exuberance and two lungs full of hot air.  Not a lot has changed since those many years ago, huh?

 My outspoken bravado notwithstanding, please excuse me for the remainder of this day, while I forgo the customary Fanny Pack blog post to instead celebrate another wonderful year of being blessed with life, family, friends and OF COURSE the gift of wordsmithery (yes, that’s right…and no, don’t bother looking it up, it’s got my trademark).

So, in honor of this special day, let’s all take a commemorative picture walk through a few of my “life and times” moments.  The way I see it, today marks another fabulous year, another fabulous outlook on life.  I’m alive and well when many people weren’t granted the opportunity to continue this walk.  The fragility of life has never been lost on me, and being given another day to try to “get it right” keeps me humbled and grateful.

With this in mind, I will always celebrate my special day with all the extra-ness I can muster…and what could possibly be more EXTRA than a Yo Gabba Gabba birthday serenade from the Ting Tings (you can thank my two-year old for my addiction to this show)?

*Woooo Hooo*  Happy Born-Day To Me! *Throws Confetti*




One Response to “Happy Born-Day To Me!”

  1. Dee March 28, 2010 at 7:13 pm #

    Throwbacks!!! Whoa…LOL – hope your 30th birthday was fabulous!! 🙂

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