Who Wants A Body By Victoria? No Thanks, I’m Good!

3 Mar

Like most women who enjoy purchasing lacy and racy unmentionables every now and then, the struggle to find that “just right” fit usually leaves me with a short list of department stores and boutiques that I will go to in order to get the perfectly seamless appearance and feel that I’m looking for.  I am well aware at the onset of my shopping excursion that I am going to pay a pretty penny for those lift, tuck and contour enhancing under-things, but as a woman, sometimes it is just understood that there is a price that must be paid for beauty.

Unfortunately for far too many retailers lately, there are just some costs that as a consumer, I am simply unwilling to count, and since it seems that they aren’t altogether worried about my body, they won’t ever have to worry about my patronage either. 

This morning’s The Today Show exposé on the treatment of lingerie and other personal-wear items at prominent retailers was nothing short of dis-gust-ing!  The undercover report found that many of these stores routinely engaged in the practice of accepting returned under garments from customers, and in many cases the items had been previously worn and showed signs of stains.


But wait, there’s more…these same items were discovered to have been retagged and returned to racks and shelves for re-sale!

Even though this is the grossest thing I’ve ever heard (well, besides the Dennis Rodman/Carmen Elektra nuptials a few years back), it makes me exceedingly glad that I have an old school momma.  It didn’t matter if I bought linens, socks or dishes, the woman had me wash EVERYTHING before common use.  It is a practice that stuck and one that I regularly do, whether something I bought has a tag or came packaged. 

But despite my mother’s overly active cleanliness-is-next-to-godliness gene, the fact that people HAVE to proactively protect themselves from potential underwear gremlins and other department store repugnance is just absurd!  And having recently heard that there are women out there who have reported infections and the like from these “used” garments makes me want to back-slap Victoria and others…for real!

Speaking of the secret that Victoria wished no one had told, the retail giants guilty of this grossness were Victoria’s Secret, Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom’s and The Gap.

 Well, I guess for safety’s sake, I’d better go on and dig out the plethora of Hanes 6-packs that my Nana has sent me every year for Christmas since I was 14. Yep, they are still stowed in the back of my undies drawer, with plastic intact.  At least I know that nobody has ever worn them, as nobody would be caught dead in those high-waisted granny panties!  And I guess I will also call her and admit that she was right about being safe and comfy rather than sexy and sorry.


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