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It’s So HARD, To Say Good-bye…

28 Feb

Whether it’s moving to a new state in the middle of your high school career, having to relocate for a new job or forgoing your old life in order to start afresh, leaving the only place you’ve ever known is always a difficult resolution.  Having been released by the San Diego Chargers on Wednesday after an accomplished nine-year career, it stands to reason (and if his press conference is any indicator) that LaDainian Tomlinson is feeling much of the conflicting emotions and frustration associated with having to say goodbye to the only franchise he has ever been a part of.

While his release, for all intents and purposes seems to have been expected since the end of the football season, the probable Hall of Famer was a virtual water fountain as he spoke to the media about his history with San Diego, his unceremonious exit and his future plans.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am very sympathetic to the current plight of Ladainian.  Of the current class of NFL players, LT seems to be one of the few athletes with his scruples about him, a genuinely good heart, and a respectable presence both on the field and off.  He had a great career there.  He created an element of longevity in the workplace, having stayed at his job for nine years, and having received a pink slip after of all of that, truly sucks.  But as sympathetic as I am, he’s not been laid off with no job prospects in his immediate future, and he surely isn’t broke.

That being said, Tomlinson’s emotions are reasonable, his tears certainly understandable and he’s entitled to them both; so much so that I wanted to “caption” them here.  Take your pick for the best fit below:

  1. Actually, it DOES rain in Southern California.

  2. C’mon! I JUST bought the Gulf Craft!

  3. No longer will I be wearing Charger Blue-hoo-hoo!

  4. If My Jersey Had Longer Sleeves, that’s where I’d wear my emotions!

  5. THIS hurts worse than all of my other football injuries!

 Okay, okay. I can’t mock LT like this; I like him far too much!  Whatever the closed-door decisions were that decided his fate with San Diego and no matter how immensely he is going to miss The Charger organization, it is truly their loss.  I am sure though, that he will excel wherever he ends up…maybe even find himself on the road to that elusive Super Bowl!  Anyway, here’s wishing Ladainian Tomlinson Godspeed in his future football endeavors. 

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