A Double-Minded Soft Drink Company Is Unstable In All Of Its Ways…

25 Feb

Book of Beverages Chapter: 1, Verse: 8

For those with National Pan-Hellenic Council ties or for those who simply enjoy exciting little rarities in popular culture, last weekend’s National Sprite Step-Off in Atlanta, GA had all the components of a competition truly laced in shock and awe.

Almost a week later, after thousands had watched the University of Arkansas’ Zeta Tau Alpha sorority’s show-stopping first place finish, word from the competition’s sponsor (Coca-Cola Company, parent company of Sprite) must have seemed more like a plot right out of the next big Bring It On (and on and on) slash Stomp The Yard (even HARDER) movie hybrid, than the new results of a legitimate contest.

Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority learned with the rest of the world that after discovering a scoring discrepancy in the sorority stepping results, competition officials at Sprite determined that the Tau chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. from Indiana University (who placed 2nd at the event) would be named as ­co-winner and be awarded an identical $100,000 prize to the one that the ladies of ZTA earned as a result of their original competition win.

Okay, a few things to note here:

  1. ZTA just happens to be a white sorority; a white sorority that performed well in the type of competition with a strong, traditionally black heritage.

  2. Sprite’s recognition of this so-called “discrepancy” came only after a few competition attendees alleged that the judges were more surprised and impressed that a white sorority could actually “step” rather than judging fairly the sororities that were already presumed able to step.

So…I’ve got to know what someone else thinks.  View the women of ZTA and the ladies AKA’s.  Regardless of whom you think should have won the women’s portion of the Sprite Step-off Competition, what of Sprite/Coke’s whole “do-over” stance?  Were they so afraid of the a potential beverage boycott at the next Johnson’s or Jenkins’ or Smith’s Family Reunion that they thought it better to say “my bad” now than see the corresponding results in their 3rd Quarter Sales? Oh, and what was that little discrepancy that caused this entire hubbub anyway?

Carbonation-deprived minds want to know.



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