Why Vetting Your Spokesperson Is So Important!

24 Feb

Funny what you stumble upon while channel surf during prime infomercial hours…

 Priding myself in having taken year upon year of formal and conversational Spanish only to come away with a working knowledge of Central Florida’s finest “Spanglish,” I’d considered for the longest time, revisiting my foreign language studies outside of the classroom atmosphere.  Having seen ads for Rosetta Stone on numerous occasions and having spoken to a few people who’ve sworn by it as a foreign language learning tool for their jobs, I figured that perhaps I would go ahead and buy it, having nothing to lose, other than a few hours a night before my Español was once again muy bueno.

 Well wouldn’t you know it…no sooner than I grabbed my cordless phone (after stumbling upon yet another Rosetta Stone Commercial while watching Seconds Before Disaster on National Geographic…*don’t judge me*) totally preparing to dial the 800 number, did I see a dowdy-looking but still recognizable VH1 alum endorsing this educational product!

 In fairness, with only a few seconds to observe her “genuine” testimonial, I couldn’t be sure with all certainty that the bubbly woman touting her new found foreign language confidence was the same “Flavor of Love” turned “Charm School” turned “I Love Money” Leilene Smiley who wept and whined and yelled and grinded her way to Reality TV fame, but even Stevie Wonder could see that this boastfully bilingual chick was a dead ringer for the celeb-reality train wreck!

 Now if it was Leilene debuting as a functional member of society in this commercial, let me be the first to say that I am not mad at her hustler; even a woman who used to “make it clap” for a living should have aspirations of more wholesome exposure in her life, but I must say, the idea of her as a spokesperson for such a “premiere” product has me looking at Rosetta Stone with the ultimate side-eye.  I mean really, doesn’t anyone vet anymore (well, let me not ask that question, as there is a rouge Alaskan now roaming freely around the continental 48)?  But seriously, this company wants roughly $500 of my hard earned cash, yet they try to deceive me with a scandalous spokeswoman?

 Man please, this failure to background check has cost you a customer Rosetta Stone marketers!  I will gladly just see Señor Juan on Saturday mornings at the Y, thank you very much.

 Check out the video.  Am I tripping or is this in fact Leilene faking us out like she’s all normal and well adjusted?


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