Pay All My Bills Sherri, But How DARE You Talk About It!?

23 Feb

The whole idea behind having a sugar-momma or sugar-daddy (I’ve heard) is to break them off a ‘lil sumthin” in exchange for having them totally taking care of you financially, all the while keeping them a secret from your friends and theirs.

 Evidently Jeff Tarpley, didn’t get this memo and is finding that his requests for silence are falling on deaf ears.  Let me first go ahead and explain that Mr. Tarpley doesn’t have a sugar-momma taking care of him, but with his recent demands for privacy, one would believe that this is exactly what he thinks is the case.

 Ex husband of actress and The View star Sherri Sheppard, Tarpley is angry that Sherri continues to speak out about their divorce and his infidelity every chance she gets.  With a platform on the “I am woman hear me roar” The View, her stand-up routines and her Lifetime series “Sherri,”  Tarpley is vexed that his ex wife has no qualms with demonizing his “good name” in the media, even years after they’d both parted ways and have supposedly moved on.

 In an open letter written to his ex wife, Tarpley asks her in no uncertain terms to cease discussing the distorted details of their failed marriage if for no other reason than for the sake of their 4 year old son.  He continues his grievance by acknowledging that mistakes in the relationship were made, but were certainly not one-sided like Sherri has led the public to believe.

 Anyone familiar with the story of Sherri and Jeff (and how while during her pregnancy Jeff got another woman pregnant thusly ending their marriage) knows that Sherri spent years as a woman scorned in every sense of the word.  And while I believe that her anger and desire to stick it to Jeff on every possible occasion is warranted, I would have to agree with her ex husband, in that bad mouthing her child’s father will only lead to resentment and misunderstanding for her son in the future.

 What Jeff seems to forget (and what is obviously absent from his open letter) however is that in his divorce from Sherri, he was granted spousal support, so the money that Sherri makes each time she takes a dig at his cheating behind is the same cash that supports both Jeff and the ready-made family he gained after cheating on Sherri, his then wife.  For that reason alone, one would think that Tarpley would be less inclined to hop on a soap box and vent about what Sherri says publicly.  Just in case it hadn’t quite dawned on you Jeff Jeff: dude, she’s supporting you and your other woman!

Here is Jeff Tarpley’s open letter to Sherri Sheppard, courtesy of  Is he justified in his request for a Sherri Sheppard gag order, or should he simply let it go until he gets a job that supports himself and his family independent of Sherri’s spousal support money?


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