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Happy Valentine’s Day From The Pack!

14 Feb


I have long ago accepted the fact that the holiday affectionately known the world over as Valentine’s Day is nothing more than an institution established for greeting card, flower, candy and plush toy manufacturers to garner obscene amounts in revenue over the course of the week leading up to this special day.  This however does not mean that I have forfeited my right to receive any of these trinkets come February 14th; it just means that I see you Hallmark, Nestle, 1-800 Flowers and Hasbro!

 That being said, I wish each of you a wonderful Valentine’s Day.  It is my sincere hope though, that you show and receive love year-round, not just on this chocolate induced, emotionally stimulated day.  And for those of you who’ve not heard those magic words today, I Loves Me Some You!!!


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