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Andrew Young Ring Leads the Edwards Quadrangle

11 Feb

Whoever coined the phrase “there is no honor amongst thieves” clearly had an intimate relationship with the politicians of his day…or foresaw the relational meltdown between John Edwards and Andrew Young.

Now that the former North Carolina Senator and presidential candidate has no chance to ever again become a senator or the president of the United States after his disreputable affair with campaign photographer Rielle Hunter and the revelation of his illegitimate daughter (or the Pappy-Gate Scandal, as I so fondly refer to it), it seems that Edwards’ Tobacco Road clout is no longer what it once was (and may have been all smoke and mirrors in the first place).  I mean, anytime your jump off-slash-baby’s mother (who believed that she was sent [to Earth] to serve Edwards) goes from revering your very existence to hinting (snitching) to the tabloids that she was your mistress, or your Right-Hand-Do-Boy is shopping the intimate details of your life as Senator Sex Machine to the highest bidder, it may be time for you to pull a Saddam Hussein and find a hole to hide out in.

To his credit, John Edwards has been missing in action as of late, undoubtedly awaiting the day that his name stops tasting so bitter in people’s mouths, but that doesn’t mean that his overly dramatic life has gone AWOL, and he has his former flunky aide to thank for that.  With no prospects of becoming a presidential cabinet member thanks to Edwards’ fatally flawed presidential bid, no immediate job to speak of and only illusions of grandeur to keep him warm at night, Andrew Young decided to take his fate (and the Edwards’) into his own hands.  Having rode shotgun throughout the Edwards Campaign and Freakfest, Young felt it necessary to speak out about his former boss’s skeletons and other duplicitous behaviors, you know, because that was the right thing to do *snark*.  Now, I will go on record and say that I think that Andrew Young is one indecorous individual for helping the senator to deceive his wife and the American people only to come back with a tell-all book in true sour grapes fashion now that there are no longer any promises of the high life at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  That being said, I can only image what tawdriness abounds in his recently penned work “The Politician.”

I had an opportunity to see an interview in which both Andrew Young and his wife Cheri discussed in great detail their reasons for wanting to tell the story of behind-the-scenes life with John Edwards and the burden they shared in having to keep such a huge and scandalous secret. 

The Youngs revealed that Edwards had had affairs prior to his relationship with Rielle Hunter, and that his wife Elizabeth had long accepted his shenanigans as a small price to pay for the ultimate goal of the White House.  When it became evident that Hunter was pregnant with Edward’s baby and could possibly derail his White House bid though, the Youngs said that Edwards approached Andrew about claiming that it was he and Hunter who were having the affair and that he was in fact the father of her unborn baby.

The kick in the head is that they went along with it; The Youngs actually picked-up, left their kids with family in Indiana and went on the lam with the pregnant mistress like some political fugitives (I wonder if that was all spelled out in Young’s job description?).  The interview continued with Cheri saying that John had come to her and her husband in all his trial lawyer glory prior to their departure and began persuading them that the presidency was basically in their hands.  She shared that with “the boys over in Iraq and Elizabeth dying”, he spun it that it was up to them to keep up the charade in hopes that their lie would help propel him to the presidency.

Now I’m sure that Edwards was a pretty “bout it” lawyer and I don’t doubt that once he worked his Mojo on the Youngs, they were like putty in his hands.  My thing is this; these two were just as deeply entrenched in this mess as Edwards.  I can’t believe they are trying to sell the public on their “come to consciousness” and need for “absolution” as reasoning for writing this “all-up-in-Edwards’-business” book.  It would be better for them to just be honest about their motives and keep it moving.  I would have respected the Youngs much more had they simply stated that old John had promised them the moon and stars, but after he got caught with his pants down (isn’t it a shame how literal these sayings are becoming when talking about politicians lately?), he left them all high and dry.  But no!  These two pariahs had to go out on the stump professing rightness, vindication and rehabilitating their good name. Get thee behind me Satan with that mess! 

They might not be guilty of the deed, but they are just as culpable for co-signing on the plan.  So now, instead of looking like used and discarded victims, they come off looking like vengeful hypocrites.  This doesn’t mean however that the book won’t do amazingly well; we all know how the masses froth at the mouth over political scandal with a side of smut. All I’m saying is that at the end of the day, it would be nice for the Youngs to not try to play the American people and simply admit that all they are looking for from this exposé are the dollar-dollar-bills-yall.  Ironically enough, with “The Politician” sitting at #2 on Barnes & Nobles Best Seller List, it looks like those dollar bills will soon be attainable.  I just wonder though, how Andrew and Cheri can sleep at night, having aired somebody else’s bed linen for financial gain. 

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