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Save Money, Feed In-Laws

10 Feb

My house is bursting at the seams with the in-laws at present, so I’ve had to commit the majority of my evening to hostessing and other “pleasantries” as opposed to nurturing my loving and loyal readers with an insightful blog post tonight.

 I will tell you though, as hectic as my day has been, I was totally rescued by my shopping nemesis today.  It was a bit unexpected to have a house FULL, but Wal-mart came through in a pinch with all my one-stop shopping needs, and I didn’t even end up standing behind the old lady paying for a $27.15 purchase with case quarters this time!

 So in honor of the shop-for-less giant who fed a house of 12 for about $25.00, please enjoy their recent “Save Money, Live Better” commercial.  It gave me the giggles x’s 10!

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