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Palin’s Palm Pilot!

8 Feb

Either my 106,712th favorite Alaskan has delved into the world of the occult and can now read palms, or this quirky pol-cebrity needs some Gingko Biloba for her memory.  It seems as though Sarah Palin went to the Tea Party Convention this weekend with speech in hand…literally.  A very vocal critic of President Obama and his eloquence solely by way of teleprompter (she says), Miss Sarah decided to forgo technology all together and instead present her core values from…well, her hand.

 In fairness to Mrs. Palin, her assessment of the current state of the country and it’s ripeness for a revolution as well as her critique of Barry’s “hope-y, change-y stuff” were all talking points from her own aberrant mind, but it seems that her Q&A responses were jotted down in the cradle of her hand for safe keeping, you know…in case she forgot what her own political platform was.

 It’s a funny thing (alas, not Palin’s Cliffs Notes; those are just sad), but my mentor and I had a long conversation last week about the Democratic Party not truly having their finger on the pulse of America like he and I would have expected at this political juncture.  We discussed at length how the Republicans and even factions of the Tea Party Movement (inaccuracies, fear tactics and all) have been reaching Americans on an emotional and almost primal level. The fear mongering and half-truths that we have been witnessing as of late (death panels anyone?) has lead to a somewhat irrational need for self preservation from the far right, and although we both admit that the tactic is a deplorable one, we are in agreement that credit has to be given to whoever the conservative strategist is who keeps the sheep fed from the right hand as he or she steers and maneuvers behind the scenes with the left.

 The idea that so many Americans continue to be led awry and can’t see the political forest for the trees has really had me frustrated with today’s politics.  The fact that people were taking everything they hear as truth and are being willingly blinded by change and race and the spirit of social awareness is so disheartening to me.  It all had me so certain for the longest time that this mysterious conservative strategist was even responsible for keeping the Palinator oxymoronically relevant even as irrelevant foolishness cascaded from her mouth each time she opened it.  But after witnessing the beauty-queen-turned-weather-girl-turned-politician-turned-orator Bic ® up her hand in an effort to give the Tea Partiers unrehearsed and authentic perspective, I am now convinced that perhaps the Dems actually have an operative who’s infiltrated the other side and is working to dismantle the machine from within.

Energy? Tax? Lift American Spirits? Check! Budget cuts? No. Nix Budget.

 I mean, who else would have told Governor Palin that writing answers on her hand like a 8th grader preparing to recite the Gettysburg Address in Civics Class was a good idea!?  And the fact that these gems were caught on film for all posterity only enhance my abiding love in the ever changing, never boring arena of American politics.

 So, to answer your question Sarah P., that hope-y, change-y stuff (that you are unwittingly contributing to) is working for me quite nicely, thank you.

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