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Super Bowl Saints and a Classy Colts Coach

7 Feb

AP - Jim Caldwell’s disappointment is evident in the Colts 31-17 loss against the Saints

Although I spent the majority of my day preparing for the epic gridiron battle that was Super Bowl XLIV, I am currently sitting in stunned silence and left emotionally hollow at watching my Colts bite it at the big show (let me clarify; my Colts, as Washington and I are in couples therapy, unable at present to reach relational middle ground, and Baltimore ran out of steam late in the season).

 While I’m disappointed that Peyton and the gang couldn’t pull off yet another exciting Super Bowl win, I am genuinely happy for the New Orleans Saints.  Their win is twofold in that Drew Brees and a slew of other former free agents turned Saints (who were let go by teams who didn’t want them only to be picked up by the Saints back in 2006) are now vindicated, and can poke their chests out proudly as an elite group of the best football players in the NFL.  The win also does so much for the pride and morale of New Orleans, a city that has suffered so greatly in recent years, yet has remained so resilient.

 But even though I am wishing the Who Dat Nation well as they celebrate this exceptional and well deserved win (and then will turn around and party equally as hearty during Mardi Gras next week), I think the highlight of the night for me was listening to Jim Caldwell’s interview after the Colts heartbreaking loss against their New Orleans opponents.  The rookie head coach displayed obvious disenchantment at coming up short on football’s greatest stage, but he was also very gracious and complementary toward the Saints.  I found it very refreshing that instead of begrudging the Saints their hard earned win, he was very humble while remaining supportive of his own team: 

“Only one team is [truly] happy at the end of the season…It’s like that line in Invictus, ‘our heads are bloodied but unbowed’.”

 If that doesn’t make you like the guy, there is a good chance that you just might be a hater. Period.  Caldwell my friends, is top shelf and a welcome change to the bird flipping Rex Ryans of the league, no?

 But even with my high praise of Jim Caldwell and his classiness to boot, tonight is all about the Saints and Saint Fans! Congrats to Coach Sean Peyton and the New Orleans Saints Team and staff. I dedicate this blog post to the rough and rugged “BLACK and GEAUXLD”!  Party hearty my friends, party hearty.

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