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SNOW My Goodness!

6 Feb

It seems that for the second weekend in a row, I am blogging about snow.  Granted, my snow ordeal was annoying and disruptive to daily life last week, but this recent Nor-easter that slammed the Atlantic Coast yesterday has virtually crippled the North East.

 For most of today, I’ve been getting calls and texts from friends and family complaining about the market having no eggs, milk and bread or them having no way to get around on streets that can’t seem to get shoveled fast enough before more snow descends and accumulates on already treacherous roads.  Then there are those unfortunate few (some 200,000 actually) in the DMV corridor who are without electricity.  I must say, with 24+ inches of snow on the ground and counting, the lack of power for so many people in my stomping ground is certainly a frightening and ominous prospect!  I mean hey, when government officials beg you to stay home if you can help it, you know that this storm (jokingly deemed Snowmageddon by President Obama) is and will undoubtedly continue to be a fierce one.

 My sincere hope though, is that people will use good judgment over the next few days and stay put like they’ve been told while awaiting local government to do what needs to be done to get the cities and towns functional again.

 Check out some of these unbelievable Snowmageddon photos!  Seems as though Punxsutawney Phil might have gotten it wrong, huh?  Either way, I do believe I’ve met my snow quota for the year!

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