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We Are The World

2 Feb

I love Michael Jackson.  I love the Grammys.  From now on however, I think that I will have to love them independent of one another.  Oh, don’t you feign surprise and ask me why! Sunday Night’s tribute to MJ on the Grammys was…I think the word I am looking for is “blasé.”  I enjoyed the singular artists who made up the Tribute Squad (well, except for Usher and his “drop to the floor” shenanigans as if he’d forgotten that he was paying homage to the King of Pop as opposed to headlining the “I’m Divorced Now and Looking For All The Single Ladies” Tour), but I just felt as though there wasn’t much thought that went into the production of the tribute.  I was so certain that Michael’s 3-D or Holographic image was going to side-kick, crotch grab and moonwalk across the stage, but alas, all the Grammy Producers gave me was birds, waterfalls and the forestry from Avatar.

 It’s a good thing that artists and producers like Lionel Richie and Quincy Jones understand the art of a tribute.  Not only have they gotten together to recreate one of MJ’s mega hits, but they are doing so in an effort to help the victims of the earthquake in Haiti.  “We Are the World” redux has brought together famous faces and windpipes from far and wide to lend a voice to a great and worthy cause.

With the entire music world in town for the Grammys, producer extraordinaire Quincy Jones brought together an array of superstars for this special project.  Can’t you just picture it, Lil Wayne harmonizing with Barbara Streisand?  Snoop Dogg and Miley Cyrus in E flat?  Zac Brown wailing in tune with Jennifer Hudson?  I happen to like the idea of this diverse and eclectic cast; similar in many ways to the original “We Are the World” Dream Team of 1985.  Let’s just hope that the divas, egos and drama are left outside the studio door so that true genius can prevail.

 The remix will debut worldwide during the Winter Olympics’ opening ceremonies on Friday Febuary 12th and be available on iTunes thereafter.  The proceeds will benefit Haiti through the newly established We Are the World Foundation.

 With his heart for charity and love of music, I think Mike would be proud.

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