Baio Takes on Barack’s Boo…and is Baffled by the Backlash

25 Jan

I’m baaa-aaaaccckkk!  Well, I’m not quite 100%, but I certainly feel better than I did over the past 72 hours.  While I was enduring my sick and shut-in days though, I deliberately stayed unplugged from the news and net, knowing that if I got even an inkling of a noteworthy story I’d be blogging instead of trying to get better.  But as is always the case, thanks to the foolhardy people who take up residence in the universe, my return to The Pack was met with buffoonery galore; mine for the picking.  If it pleases the court, I’d like to present Exhibit A:

When are celebrities, even D-Listers going to learn that Twitter is designed specifically for their downfall?  Unless there is a publicist or some sort of personality consultant on hand to transcribe what they think and feel into coherent thoughts and socially acceptable tweets, then they’d probably be better off not having a Twitter Account at all (hey, don’t take my word for it, just ask Chris Brown).  Well, someone should have tried bestowing that bit of knowledge on Scott Baio.  While his stints on shows like “Happy Days” “Joanie loves Chachi” and “Charles in Charge” have undoubtedly made him heart-throbby material over the years, his recent exploits on Celeb-reality hot messes “Scott Baio Is 45…and Single” and “Scott Baio is 46…and Pregnant” have painted him in such an unattractive light (physically too), that it is a wonder that he’d be speaking ill of anyone.  But ill-speak he did, and by doing so, he basically threw down the gauntlet.

As reported in the New York Daily News, Baio alleged that he contacted the FBI after having received a multitude of angry comments and death threats related to his mocking photo and “tweet” of First Lady Michelle Obama last week.  Now, I’ll be the first to admit that Michelle Obama is all kinds of awesome and inspirational in my eyes, but er um…she looks like she is about to get her “True Blood” on in this photo.  Her fabulousness notwithstanding, and whether or not the picture was photo-shopped, Lady O is a public figure and bound to be the subject of some unflattering imagery at some point during Barry’s presidency.  I am sure however, that the Obama’s have long since grown that tough, protective layer of skin that keeps them insulated against buffoonish and unprovoked attacks such as this, while still being effective in their day to day endeavors.

Now what I found completely eye-roll worthy was that after Chachi’s ignorance began receiving more attention than he had intended (how he could not have anticipated such a fallout further speaks to his dense and clueless nature), he quickly backpedaled, proclaimed his desire for racial harmony and then whipped out the “my-wife’s-best-friend-is-black” card.

Just Why!?  I mean, I’m all for everyone exercising their first amendment right (I do it here daily, thank you founding fathers…well, despite that whole 3/5 human idiocy…whew, but I digress; clearly a blog post for another time), but either say what you mean and stick to your guns or shut-it-up.  Cowering in fear because people don’t like your platform says to me that you don’t really know what you believe and that you more than likely were just looking for an additional 15 minutes.

But back to my initial question, why do the morons have to use The Obamas to advance their political or social agendas?  It is almost as if these people are deliberately trying to see if Barack and Michelle ever live up to the ridiculously militant caricature that those equally ridiculous folks at The New Yorker tried penning on them last year.  What is it that they are hoping to get?  The First Lady interrupting the President during his “State of The Union” with full-on neck roll and finger wagging to curse out all of their detractors?  Well, don’t hold your breath status-pariahs.  I have one word for you:  CLASS.

And although Scott Baio is somehow convinced that his hate mail and malice-laced wishes are all a result of “people loving to hate,” if he is honest, isn’t that exactly why he posted the picture and comment about Michelle Obama in the first place?

 “Scott (Pot) Baio is 48…and Calling the Kettle Black.”


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