When Upsets and Blindsides Happen to Good People

20 Jan

With the people of Massachusetts haven spoken (more like bellowed) loudly and clearly about the state of their senate representation, the rest of the nation was stunned on Monday to learn that Martha Coakley, the Democratic frontrunner for the Senate seat left vacant by Ted Kennedy, had been surpassed in votes and soundly beaten by her Republican opponent, Scott Brown.  What most people (my self included) found so shocking about the win I think, was the fact that based on the percentages, there is no way that you’d have ever guessed that Massachusetts was a tried and true blue state.

 But it is important to note that in a time of recession, joblessness, corporate bailouts, and a war on two fronts, people are beginning to shy away from the simple party-line alignments and other business-as-usual politics.  And while President Obama may have inherited these adverse political impacting issues, he is currently the leader of the majority party whom Americans are looking to for a swift remedy for all that ails them; and so far are not getting one.

 So what does this now mean for Obama’s Big Agenda Action Item Numero Uno: Healthcare Reform?  Well, Senator Brown is assuring everyone that he is not headed to Washington with an agenda to embody or replicate his conservative fore-representatives, but that he plans instead to be himself, what he described as a new breed of Republican heading to D.C.  And you know what, I kind of believe him…I mean, how else could an acknowledged former nude pin-up model (Cosmo’s 1982 America’s Sexiest Man contest winner) turned National Guard Lt. Colonel turned politician look me (America) in the face and tell me any different.  While we may have more than a few disagreeing political viewpoints, it seems that Brown really wants to try to be transparent in Washington.  Let us all hope that for the sake of the Massachusetts constituency and the rest of us regular Americans that his transparency will garner more than just check-marks on some Republican’s “opposing Healthcare and other Obama initiatives” to-do lists, but that he’ll be willing to join bi-partisan efforts to get America back on track.

 And I know that for many Dems, this Senate seat loss was a zinger, so I won’t dwell on it too much more.  In the spirit of being blind-sided however, I wanted to add to this instance for your reading pleasure, a few other historical “upsets” that caught us all unawares:

  1. George W. Bush actually winning Florida’s electoral votes (pre-recount and Al Gore’s Led Zepplin-esque bearded depression), when all the news agencies had Florida on their maps highlighted in blue (see why being close to your siblings is important? One call to Jeb, and viola, the maps magically appeared red).

  2. The University of Florida’s shellacking of The Ohio State University in the 2007 BCS Championship Game when the Buckeye’s finesse style of play was heavily favored over the Gator’s hard hitting M.O. Um, excuse me Coach Tressel, not to open up any old wounds or anything, but those dudes are from the “bottom”! ‘Nuff said.

  3. When idiotic ABC’s “The Bachelor” star Jason Mesnick picked and proposed to Melissa Roycroft (who he only knew for like 5 minutes) only to dump her for all the world to see and replace her with his other 5 minute love interest Molly Malaney.

  4. Serena William’s ogre-induced verbal assault on that unsuspecting line judge and her subsequent 2009 US Open finals loss to Kim Clijsters.

  5. Ruben Studdard’s 2003 American Idol Season 2 win over Clay Aiken.  Some people were really in an uproar over this.  The 1,355 votes separating the two crooners had metro-sexual men everywhere claiming voter irregularities and demanding a recount.

 Upsets are God’s way of saying, “Okay, since you insist on doing things your way, let’s see how you respond to a very public kick in the seat.” 

…And you didn’t hear it from me but, I think this wake up call was a much needed one.


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