What I’m Wearing: Some Robins DON’T Fly South for the Winter

16 Jan

U.S. Polo Association Denim Vest, New York & Co. Ribbed Stretch Top, Wallflower Silver Bell Kick Flair Jeans, l.e.i. Scarf, XOXO Duo-tone Handbag, Spicy Leather Stilleto

As with any casual Friday, my jeans were pressed (old school, right? I mean “ironed’) the night before in anticipation for the end of the workweek and a significantly light(er) work day.  But as comfortably fitting as said jeans were, it was actually my color palette that was the highlight of what I wore yesterday.

 Blessed with a 60+ degree day (unheard of in January), I was seriously feeling the temperate weather, and thought it best to pay tribute to the God of the Global Thermostat through my selection of robins egg blue wardrobe pieces.  Overkill? Mayhap, but with my New Year’s declaration to expose more of my true colors this year, I will gladly see your overkill and raise you a sashay chante *snap*

l.e.i. Bungie Scarf


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