Psst, Senator Reid: Your Racist is Showing!

9 Jan

While the WHO and CDC are urging people to protect themselves against H1N1, I pray that someone is developing an immunization against verbal diarrhea and other disorders of the mouth.  It is just ridiculous how rampant this whole foot-in-mouth disease is spreading across the Nation’s Capital.

The latest diagnosed case is that of Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid, who apologized today for saying during the 2008 Presidential Election that “Barack Obama should (and could) seek and win the office of President because he was a light skinned African-American with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.”

Go ahead and marinate on that for a moment or two…

Okay, let’s continue.

Although President Obama has turned the other cheek in accepted Reid’s apology, it has got to make you wonder how he really feels firstly, about having someone within his inner circle who has these clearly racists beliefs, but who would also vocalize (aloud) these racial undertones about people of color.  Senator Reid made the unfortunate comments in private during the long 2008 campaign, according to a new book about that election, which elevated Obama from first-term Illinois senator to the first black president, The Associated Press reported today.  After Reid comments became publicized, he issued a statement regretting the use of such a “poor choice” of words. He also apologized for having offending any and all Americans, especially African-Americans for his improper comments.

*Giggles* Now don’t you just love it when an oblivious racist apologizes, well for being a racist?  Personally, I’d rather Reid apologize for being oblivious, but hey, that’s one blogger’s humble opinion.

I don’t think however, that it is what Reid said that is so startling. I mean, I’ve been a brown person for many decades now, so I’ve learned not to internalize the preconceived and prejudiced ideas regarding race that clearly derive from the ignorance of not understanding the versatile existence that is the black experience, but I believe it’s the fact that Reid (like MANY others, c’mon, let’s just be real) actually believes what he said that makes me feel like I was somehow teleported back to the Civil Right Era;  that the shade of a brown person is somehow a precursor to his success, or that the use of slang or the improper subject and verb agreement in daily speech is somehow inherent to only the darker hued folks (and let’s not forget that endearing “Negro” term that he tossed out there too).

Its little fun facts like these that aren’t just coming from the Strom Thurmond’s and Trent Lott’s of politics anymore (The Confederacy’s finest), but from both sides of the political spectrum nowadays. Which leaves the burning question on every “negro’s” ebonics-tossing lips: with a mind frame like this (which I can assure you is not exclusive to just Senator Reid), who in politics besides the Congressional Black Caucus, is ever going to be ready to have a healthy discussion on the progress and inroads toward race relations in the United States?


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